Take how much I hate Aztec Gino and times it by 725. Not only do I hate Mel Kiper Jr. with a passion I also hate anybody who likes him. I hate everyone who likes people who like Mel Kiper Jr. Six degrees of hating Mel Kiper Jr. if you will. The guy fucking sucks. I am not disputing he doesn’t do his homework and he knows the in’s and out’ of college football prospects. He does. However, he is just a pompous asshole. He has this arrogance that is pretty much unseen in the sports world.

I used to look at his stupid mock drafts and except for maybe 2-3 of the top 10 picks he is 100% wrong. They give this idiot way too much face time. When he does speak he talks down to everyone. He treated McShay like shit when he first started because god forbid ESPN brought in another personality. I mean, take a look at his smug fucking face above. He looks like a Jewish grandmother who is disappointed because you didn’t eat her knish (is that how it is spelled?).

The thing is each fucking NFL team has about 19 scouts and 23 assistant coaches preparing for the draft. I am positive they aren’t sitting around reading ESPN Insider to see who Kiper says they should pick in the 7th round. To be honest I hate the whole ESPN NFL draft coverage in general but Kiper is just a piece of shit. Also, who the fuck is Mel Kiper Sr.? Take it down a notch. You are like 50 years old you can scrap the junior bullshit. If someone confuses you they confuse you. I am a junior; my pops and I get mixed up on occasion. Sometimes it means we get a free beer some guy we hardly know and sometimes it means we get picked up on an outstanding warrant. Just comes with the territory.