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By Matt Tempesta / The Daily Item

SAUGUS — A police investigation into an allegation of teacher misconduct at the Ballard Early Childhood Center in Saugus has cleared the teacher of any wrongdoing, Superintendent Richard Langlois said in a press release issued this afternoon.

Neither police nor school officials have said what the teacher was accused of doing.

“As of today, the police have completed their investigation and found no cause for action, clearing the teacher of all charges,” said Langlois in the release. “The School Department made its own administrative inquiry into the matter, and confirms that there was no foundation for the complaint or evidence to support the allegation.”

Read Wednesday’s Daily Item for complete coverage of the story.

For some reason or another I’m signed up for the Item Live (digital Lynn Item) Breaking News e-newsletter. I figured it is a way for me to stay on top of the breakings news in my old community. However, lately, they’ve just been abusing the fuck out of the breaking news function. Can anybody just hit the button over there and it becomes breaking news? Seriously, the shit I see on a daily basis is amazing, one day it will be a car accident on Western Ave. and the other it will be a St. Mary’s football win over Spellman. I have no clue what defines “breaking news” at the Lynn Item. When the newsletter first came out it would just be stories about someone getting capped on Union Street in Lynn or whatever, with the most common breaking news story seems to be when a water pipe breaks on Route 1 (I think they have those set up automatically to go out twice per week). The only reason I keep open it is for the hope that one of my shitty middle school teachers got busted for being a pedophile or maybe I know someone who OD’d. But, now, well, now anything qualifies as breaking news I guess.

That said I don’t think Matt Tempesta is winning a Pulitzer Prize anytime soon. what kind of journalism is this piece of shit story? We don’t have a name or the reason for the allegation. We got nothing to work with here, buddy. How can I be relieved of a teacher’s dismissal of charges if I don’t even know what the fuck they are. Terrible work here and another case of disappointment from an Item Live Breaking News newsletter for Bobo.