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SARASOTA, Fla.—Lego man is going to stay in police custody for three months. Lego man, a 100-pound, 8-foot-tall sculpture, didn’t do anything wrong except wash up on a Florida beach. Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight says his office will hold the fiberglass sculpture for 90 days just like all other lost and found property. During that time, authorities will try […]

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My Site is Fucked Up and There Is Pretty Much Nothing I Can Do

I honestly don’t get what the IT Guy’s problem is. I’m not asking him to fix the fucking US deficit, just asking to help me out with the posts feed to FB. He is the one that created this site and he is the one that created the group in FB to discuss problems with the site, etc. I’m pretty […]

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Bobo’s Play of the Day: Are You For Some Hank Williams Jr. – less Football?

I started off hot last week and finished ice-fucking-cold. I feel like this game has the makings of an absolute blow out. San Diego is coming off their terrible loss to the Jets in which they should have won. KC looks good because they beat the shit out of the Boller-Palmer led Raiders, finishing with 28 interceptions. Since I’m out […]

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Clooney’s Ex Claiming He Likes Dudes, Kind Of – George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend has some interesting things to say about their relationship. Hilary Swank is firing everyone for letting her go to a war criminal’s party. Ashley Biden is engaged. Sunday gossip values Elisabetta Canalis’ feminine side, too. When we mentioned yesterday that George Clooney‘s ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis describes her romance with Clooney as “a father-daughter relationship,” we chalked it up to […]

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Woman Offers Hummer For $17 and Asshole Cop Arrests Her

FORT WALTON BEACH — A woman who flagged down an undercover officer and then offered oral sex was arrested. The officer was driving down Lovejoy Road around 8 p.m. when the 45-year-old woman motioned for the officer to stop, according to the Fort Walton Beach Police Department arrest report. Once the officer had stopped, the Janet F. Overdurf said she […]

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I’ve Lost That Halloween Feeling

Not totally sure when I lost the spirit but, to be honest, I’ve never been a big “Halloween guy.” I think it has to do with my mother. She fucking hates Halloween. She was basically pissed when someone came looking for candy and she would shut the porch light off around 7 PM to try and prevent more trick-or-treater’s. Growing […]

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Move Over Ashton, There Is A New Prankster In Town – After being freed following a nearly five-month stint in an Egyptian jail during that country’s uprising, Queens native Ilan Grapel received interesting news: The New York Mets won the World Series during his isolation.  The misinformation was a joke played by Rep. Gary Ackerman, according to the New York Post. In a news conference in Tel Aviv following […]

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