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Do People Really Find Seinfeld Funny? Part Two: Bobo’s Take

JCH has been a loyal follower from day 1 here at He has supplied an endless about of links, story ideas and feedback. For the price of a free shirt he has worked harder than of a 4′ 11″ Guatemalan on a Lynnfield front lawn. He has spread word of this site through the streets of Lynn all the way up to Beverly. Aside from the site […]

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Do people really find Seinfeld funny?

So Seinfeld is widely considered the best sitcom of all time. Well I’m here to say that I think it absolutely sucks. It comes on after The Office re-runs at night and I actually tried to watch it for a bit last night because I couldn’t find the remote and was too lazy to get up to change the channel. Like […]

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